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Together For Peace—WHU International Students Model United Nations
Author:Liu Xiaojing  Date:2019-12-24  Clicks:

In the morning of December 7 in the lecture hall of the School of International Education, a group of WHUers prepared for the conference of the Wuhan University International Students Model United Nations (WISMUN). WISMUN enables international students to discuss the latest and most controversial topics through debate and collaboration.

Chairman of the organizing committee explains rules

Next year, it will be exactly 50 years since the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) came into effect. With this background in mind, this year’s WISMUN conference addressed the theme of “The 50th Anniversary of NPT: A Total Non-Proliferation or A Selective Approach”. Students from International Students Model United Nations will discuss whether nuclear weapons should be banned from proliferation completely or selectively. Moreover, as responsible youths  who concern themselves with current events, the event will serve as an opportunity to discuss and debate the possible and practical ways to build a safer world for all of us and our future generations.

Delegates participating with full attention and enthusiasm

This year, WISMUN attracted more than 50 delegates from the School of International Education along with some Chinese students, representing different countries such as China, the United States of America, South Korea, North Korea, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Israel, etc. During multiple sessions of the one-day event, the delegates discussed several topics such as, “Does the United States really want the peace or just intend to control the whole world?” “Whether a total nuclear non-proliferation goal is unrealistic or not” etc.

“Think with your brain, not with your heart,” the delegate of North Korea appealed to everybody to take the issue of nuclear weapons seriously, applying logic and objective thinking. Do not act emotionally or take our current hard-earned peace for granted, and let us build a safer world for our future generations through international cooperation

Delegate sharing his proposals and stands

Delegates not only made new friends with those who shared the same aspirations, but also had a platform to express their visions and stands, to take responsibility for a safe world by addressing the issue of weapons of mass destruction. Through this event, the delegates gained a deeper understanding of NPT, and were able to cooperate and debate with each other for the common benefit and shared future of humankind.

Delegates networking together during break time

After a whole day’s discussions, a closing and awarding ceremony was held to honor the delegates who participated actively, and who proposed practical and excellent solutions for a better and safer world without nuclear weapons.

Group photo of the delegates and the organizing committee at the awarding ceremony

Photo by Md Sarwar Osman Sagar

Edited by Wei Yena, Li Yushan, Zheng Yayun, Hu Sijia & Shi Weiya


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